The Children’s Osteopathic Forum is a not for profit initiative developed through the Osteopathic Development Leadership strategy and supported by the Institute of Osteopathy. 

We aim to provide a space to support Osteopaths working in paediatric healthcare.

How the Children’s Osteopathic Forum came about:

Whilst we have all known each other for some time through various different courses and groups, the Forum was born out of a group project at the Osteopathic Development Group’s Leadership Programme.

Our joint project centred around Clinical Interest Groups and we are all passionate about working with children

Once the course was over, we kept in touch as we wanted to continue to develop what we had begun. After various online meetings, the publication of the ODG’s Guidance Document for osteopaths who work with children and young people, and some discussions about what we wanted to contribute, the idea of COF as a community / hub / collaborative resource for people like us who work with children was born

The framework for COForum has drawn inspiration from many aspects of social learning and the core characteristics of social capital. We wanted a hub to share up to date information, resources and a provide a trusted network of professional and personal support for osteopaths working with children.

Our hope is that COForum will grow from the grassroots of osteopathic practice upwards, with the potential to become an international network community of shared support and resources that drive our collective osteopathic influence and practice forward

We hope to see the many osteopaths with an interest in treating children using this safe space to support, collaborate and share knowledge with our colleagues in this field in a positive way.